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just in case you missed it…

July 18, 2011

i’ve been getting some emails lately from people who didn’t see the last post because it didn’t show up in their reader, so they just thought i’d stopped blogging altogether.


if i stopped blogging altogether, my brain would blow up.

i’ve just moved. i’m now at

things are just kind of the same there as they were here, but more blogspotty and less wordpressy, is all.


okay. stop the press.

May 27, 2011

i’m out of here.

i shall explain:

i like things about wordpress, but i don’t like everything about wordpress and i like things about blogspot, but not everything, but more things than about wordpress, though, because there are some things about wordpress that really drive me nuts. discombobulated, i know.

in short, i’m going back. well. i’m going forward. back and forward, really.

itwalkedonmypillow is officially OVER. the blogspot and wordpress versions. it may have only been 3 years old, but in blog years, you know. it started smelling bad and growing a lot of ear hair.

last night, at about 8, i made the split decision and a brand new place for myself in cyberspace. its name was suzy, at first, and then i added some words, and birds, and a light fixture.

i hope you all come along, even if i’ve frustrated you by being so cyberflighty. just click HERE, or HERE, or HERE, and away you go. back and forward.

it’s time i had a weekly feature too

May 26, 2011

i’m feeling crazy nostalgic today. craaaaazy nostalgic.

because this morning i thought to myself, “thursdays are, in general, a good day to feel nostalgic.”

i have, probably, subconscious reasons for thinking that thursdays are a good day to feel nostalgic. they’re not translating to print right now though.

part of it might have to do with my personal necessity for a day of nostalgia. because i’m just a nostalgic person in general–two notes from a song can take me back six years and leave me there for a week. some weeks i just feel nostalgic the whole week long, and that’s no good because if you spend all your time looking backwards you’re going to straight up walk off a cliff. for sure.

so i think from now on i might only let myself be nostalgic on thursdays. brief glances over your shoulder are ok, i’ve decided.

i know “nostalgia thursdays” doesn’t exactly have a ring to it. not like, “music monday” or “things i love thursday“, so i went on and looked for synonyms for “nostalgia”, and came up with “schmaltz”.

which doesn’t exactly mean nostalgia. it means, and i quote by means of copy and paste:


[shmahlts, shmawlts]


1. Informal . exaggerated sentimentalism, as in music or soapoperas.
2. fat or grease, especially of a chicken.”

close enough. “schmaltz day.” good.

so. on this schmaltz day, i was looking through old pictures and found this little gem:

that’s me and my friend, jannaya. one night, when i was visiting home right before moving off to the mountains, she came over and we practised floating. we have pictures of us in pretty dresses at graduation and friends’ weddings and hanging out at school and at campfires, but i think this one is my favourite of us. it’s realer and more best. schmaltzy, i know.

i found this photo in the same folder, and was once again overcome with schmaltzy nostalgia:

concluding with that, i think.

stupid human tricks over brekkie

May 25, 2011

this morning has been a fantastic one so far, if only because i discovered my ability to roll my tongue up like a straw and slurp coffee through it, as well as the subsequent discovery that barclay has not been blessed with this ability therefore making me finally able to do one thing that he can’t.

resounding “yesssss”.

note to self: jello or water instead of hot coffee next time.

unrelated pineapple:

elephant thoughts

May 24, 2011

“A wonderful fact to reflect upon, that every human creature is constituted to be that profound secret and mystery to every other. A solemn consideration, when I enter a great city by night, that every one of those darkly clustered houses encloses its own secret; that every room in every one of them encloses its own secret; that every beating heart in the hundreds of thousands of breasts there, is, in some of its imaginings, a secret to the heart nearest it!”

-Charles Dickens {A Tale of Two Cities}

i remember visiting calgary, alberta as a kid; arriving at night when the stars were out and the sky was dark, and as we got closer i could see the orange glow of it before the city itself. then our minivan would peek over the hill and there was this massive tangle of lights that reminded me of sticking my face right up to the Christmas tree in December.

and i remember thinking about how my aunt and uncle were in one of those lights down there. then, a thought: about how each light belonged to a house or a building, and inside each of those was maybe a family, maybe a widow, maybe some little girls having a sleepover, maybe someone else’s aunt or uncle or niece or nephew or grandma or friend–and how each of those people had their very own history, and their very own present, and their very own personality, and thoughts, and relationships, and feelings.

the thought sat on me like an elephant and i think maybe that was the first time that i ever felt completely suffocated by the enormity of a fact i’d always known but never quite understood: the world does not revolve around me.

i feel increasingly like people today {including me} keep forgetting that enormous little truth.

maybe we should all take a drive over that hill by calgary, or fly into miami together at night, or even sit in a mall and people-watch for an afternoon.

monday, monday, monday

May 23, 2011

this place is a mess.

i have a to-do list, but it’s obnoxiously long. it’s long like a scarf and i could just as easily choke myself with it.

and i don’t mind to-do lists, because i don’t mind keeping busy. but on the other side of my to-do list is a wish-to-do list and i’d much rather tackle that one first.

prioritizing is my nemesis.

so i’ve decided to mix the lists.

something from here, something from there.

do the dishes, doodle peacock feathers on post-it notes.

sweep the floor, go for a walk with my sister-in-law.

clean up the dining room, learn that song from the Once soundtrack on the piano.

etcetera and on and so forth.

that’s not prioritizing, but it’s not completely irresponsible either.

so. at the end of the day, it will all even out i’m sure.


May 22, 2011

today, i am in bed. i’m ok with it though, because the past two weeks i’ve felt so so SO good, and this return to my “normal” is much easier after a break from it. if that makes any sense.

so anyways, i’m in bed, and barclay is upstairs making mini pizzas and we are going to scarf those and watch the Rocky series in its entirety this afternoon. due to it’s a boxing movie, i thought i’d probably hate the Rocky series {did anyone else see Million Dollar Baby and feel like you’d been punched in the head a billion times by the end of it?}. but i’m what they call “pleasantly surprised.” i might even have to recommend it.

so i’m out. pizza and Rocky and probably bouts of sleep in there somewhere too. cheers to a magical may long for all!