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September 3, 2009

pardon a serious entry, but i was thinking about life.
if you think about life too much, about depth perception and colors and sounds and time and space and gravity and on and on, you can drive yourself crazy, but if you think about it too little you miss out on big things.
so i was thinking about life the right amount, and about how it’s made up of a lot of “i could never do that”s which eventually always turn into “that wasn’t so bad”s.
and how there was a point in time that i didn’t exist on earth, and how there will be another point in time in the future where i won’t exist on earth again, but life will still go on without me (like words in parenthesis).
and i was thinking about how there’s no time in eternity. does that hit you funny?
i was thinking about taste buds and 3d movies and how quickly my feet can tell my brain that my toe hurts. ridiculously fast. faster than my mouth can tell barclay he stepped on it.
and i was thinking about God.
and how smart He must be to keep the world spinning and the seasons changing in order and my fingernails growing, all at the same time.
and i was thinking about how people say so often, “life is short.”
we almost got hit by a bus the other day. me & my cousin. it blew past us, honestly (and lyssa can vouch for me) mere inches from our faces. we screamed bloody murder, but we’re fine.
life is short.
but not as short as it would have been if i got hit by that bus.

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  1. September 4, 2009 10:15 pm

    I'm looking forward to finding out in heaven how many times God saved us from “near bus” experiences without us even realizing it.

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